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The latest release Remote Potato for Live TV server is version 2.333.65. It has all the features of previous versions + Live TV functionality added for the Remote Media Center client (please update to the latest client of either android, windows 8.1 and/or iOS); If you want this Remote Potato server on Windows 10. For Windows 7 (MCE), 8 (MCE), 8.1 (MCE), Vista or XP click:

Above version is needed for Chromecast, for android you will then also need RMC version 3.844 or higher.

For any issues please go to .


Version 2.333.65:

- Windows 10: Should work for windows 10 after media center installed (; please confirm

Version 2.333.64:

- Chromecast: CORS from instead of

Version 2.333.64:

- Chromecast: CORS from instead of

Version 2.333.63:

- Fixed: issue with EPG not downloading.

Version 2.333.62:

- Solved: downloading videos.

- Solved: newlivetv for same channel will start also after the first time.

Version 2.333.59:

- For Chromecast: CORS allowed for all addresses selectable.

Version 2.333.57:

- Fixed issue that live TV did not work anymore when selecting another port than 9080.

Version 2.333.54:

- Fixed issue where closing down the RP settings UI resulted in a crash.

Version 2.333.53:

- Major: Addresses connection issues by integrating Live TV in Remote Potato.

- Can use Intel's Quick Sync video acceleration for Live TV (be aware that this only works when the server runs as application), for more information see forum.

Version 2.333.52:

- To enable version check for upcoming windows clients.

Version 2.333.51d:

- Live TV for the windows client should now work;

- Some debugging info for live TV frontend added.

Version 2.333.51c:

- When RPLiveTV cannot find a local IP it will now return instead of null, the latter having given connection issues;

- Live TV: Some better results with HD content.

Version 2.333.51a/b:

- Setup more stable, now asks for a reboot before installing Live TV service.

- Solved: Live TV had an issue: it could not find a dll.

Version 2.333.51:

- No (de)selection of live TV possible, as this gave problems.

Version 2.333.50:

- Videos and recorded TV thumbnails have higher resolution on Android.

Version 2.333.48a:

- This installer will download Remote Potato install files from

Version 2.333.48:

- Siverlight webclient higher resolution HLS playing needed larger buffers, else they wouldn't play.

- Higher audio bitrates in preset qualities of Silverlight HLS client.

Version 2.333.46 and 47:

- Fixed stalling in long videos every now and then when using chromecast.

Version 2.333.45b:

- Fixed issue where Remote Potato Live TV Front end refused to listen on LAN address

Version 2.333.45:

- Fixed issue with people having a dns other than dyndns

Version 2.333.44:

- Support for either rewindable Live TV or not in Android client

Version 2.333.43:

- Chromecast support (for Android clients);

- Using LatestFFMPEG (option in Android, standard in iOS and Windows 8.1) and Live TV now use x264 profile high level 5;

- Live TV can Rewind and Forward (of course not past almost present);

Version 2.333.42:

- Fixed, hopefully, silverlight issue where audio bitrate could not be changed;

Version 2.333.41e:

- Better uninstall of Live TV Front end;

- Fixed licensing issue with eazfuscator on windows 8.1;

Version 2.333.41d:

- Fix for LAN address to be discovered;

Version 2.333.41c:

- Includes a warning during installation that a previous Remote Potato (version 2.333.35 and older) should be uninstalled manully beforehand;

Second version 2.333.41:

- Fixed: Installation process hung when installing on a clean system;

Version 2.333.41:

- Fixed issue where LiveTVService eats up unnecessary CPU;

- Uninstalling Live TV Front End now also uninstalls Remote Potato Live TV.

Version 2.333.39:

- For iOS client, accepts non-english (like é, ü etc.) characters in video and recorded TV filenames.

Version 2.333.38:

- Wizard for helping with connection issues.

- Uninstalls automatically at subsequent installs on windows 7, 8 and 8.1.

Version 2.333.35:

- Fixed bug: Live TV, stuttering since version .28, works again.

Version 2.333.34:

- Fixed bug: when recent ffmpeg selected in android, classic live tv would not play;

Version 2.333.32:

- Contains fix for Live TV stopping because speedfactor larger than 1;

Version 2.333.30:

- For remembering resumepoints, audiotracks etc changed reliance on sqlite to xml (de)serialization;

- Included support for coming Android VLC internal player, resuming/ time tracking FFW/REW etc;

- For Silverlight client the range of standard resolution and bandwidth has been moved up in quality;

- Some tuning options for Live TV included in the general TAB.

Version 2.333.28 fixes:

- New Live TV starts up somewhat faster

- Scheduling live TV now does not come up with erroneous “tuners busy” when still enough tuners available..

Version 2.333.27 fixes:

- Pre/postpadding now upto 180 minutes

- For live TV exacter segment duration, s.t. compatible with more video players

- Live TV: Handled race condition resulting in scheduling live TV always coming up with all recordings busy.

Version 2.333.26 fixes:

- Issues with clients using ffmpeg and when multiple audio tracks available

- Issues with some video files containing mjpeg thumbnails, i.e. certain dvr-ms files

- Persistency of resuming of videos between (re)starts of the server;

- Fixed longstanding bug that at end of stream, video sometimes did not end;

- Fixed background server transcoding.

Fixed issue with certain videos like mkv, rm not playing;

Fixed some issues with live TV on iPAD;

Beta for transcoding on the server and playing later (suitable for slow servers);

Uses the latest ffmpeg technology as video transcoder, thus more video formats are supported: Only for Remote Media Center Live TV for iPad;

version 2.333.19 fixes:

New Live TV playing without debugging on;

version 2.333.18 fixes:

no jerky videos/recorded TV on 29.97Hz;

no new Live Tv playing for over a few hours to halt every now and then.

The modified Remote Potato (not Live TV) server for 30Hz can be downloaded from here.

Original work into developing this server was done by Carl Partridge

The source of Remote Potato Live TV which is under GPLv3 can be found here GitHub.

* XP and Vista donot support Media Center functionality in Remote Potato (live TV)

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Janneke Verhagen.