We have developed the following apps:

Remote Media Center

Android Remote Media Center is a client for remotely controlling and viewing your windows 7 media center and other windows (xp, vista: limited functionality!) media via remote potato server (running on windows).

Works well over wifi, and much better than dlna over 3G, 4G and reportedly edge. Can easily slide forward/backward all kinds of videos.

Specifically it is able to

- Browse and search the EPG Grid (*)

- Browse and Schedule recordings (*)

- Browse channels and programs (*)

- Watch videos

- Watch recorded tv

- Listen to music (with slider and shuffle)

- Browse hires pictures with multitouch

- Remote control (*)

(*) supported only on windows 7 media center

Please post bugs/comments at as I have no technical means to react via comments.

Needs version 0.98.6 or higher of the Remote Potato Server. 3G, 4G or wifi is advised. Diceplayer, vplayer, rockplayer lite or moboplayer (try with hard/soft decoding) is needed for video.

See for a FAQ. Supports Honeycomb and ICS as well.

I strongly advice to NOT using any app while driving or during other dangerous activities.


This app can instantly send your voice message to your email as an easy reminder.

Like a personal assistant who takes notes.

Easy and quick to use with simple and few (2) clicks.

Wifi, 3G or 4G advised.

We strongly advice to NOT using any app while driving or during other dangerous activities.

You have to set up smtp server, email address etcetera only once via menu/settings.

If you want to listen to the voice message on your computer your best bet is to install gomplayer and associate .3gp extension with it. Or you can install some codecs, see

If you want to listen to the message later on from your mobile gmail, you can use

- if supported, download the attachment (or use AttachSave Lite (free))

- play it with e.g. moboplayer (free).

Present Value

The very simple app Present Value calculates, given four input variables the remaining variable of:

Payment, number of periods, interest rate (IRR), present value, future value.

Just like on a HP 12C.

It can use payments at start or at end of periods.

Also it is able to use annual interest%


This simple app helps you link information in one picture. This can help you keep track of everything in your closet in 5 minutes without typing a word! You simply take a picture of the closet and then take a picture of each drawer linking its position in the original. You can do this all at once or slowly. Imagine knowing the exact contents in all those boxes in hard to reach places. Wouldn’t you like to not have to climb up in the attic to look for something that is tucked away in a different closet? You can easily build your database in a short amount of time. This will help you be more efficient, organized and save you time.

Aside from being organized it will help you link all of the school work from all your kids. Instead of different icons for each homework now you can take a picture of a calendar. Then you can link the deadlines with different assignments. The simple intuitive interface will make it much easier for you to stay on top of everything. Plus you can be more engaged in their studies because you can easily see a range of assignments rather than one at a time.

A final example of what makes the pro such a valuable asset is the aspect of communication. Say you have a rash and want to show your doctor how it changed after trying a cream. Here by linking a picture of rash with a calendar you can easily show how it changed with time. Then you take a picture of the cream you use linked to a day on the calendar and then you will know that all the pictures afterwards how the rash changed with that cream. Think of all the information you can easily communicate without typing a word. You can show how it changed with pictures, you know the exact time that has passed from the different stages and you know the exact cream used.

We use this app to help me communicate with service on different instruments. We can have a picture of the instrument, the serial number and a page from the manual all linked together. Imagine how much easier it is now when we get to talk with the service representatives.

We know that you will find even more uses for this app and we look forward to hearing from you.

Another user reports he used it for his daughters topography homework where he took photos of a country and made selections of city, provinces, waters and such and linked these pictures with the names of those places. This way it could be used as a flashcard app working both ways.

Select flashcard mode in preferences, after you have programmed some icons, to make the program even easier to use. This removes the options and simply shows the pictures associated with each icon. When you want to program an icon simply turn flashcard mode off.

Haan, Kip Hoen

Lees gratis een boekje uit een leeskoffertje voor beginnende lezertjes!

Op een dag vinden Kip en Haan een vreemde vogel op het strand. Het is Hoen. Hij komt van ver en is van uitputting op het strand in elkaar gezakt. Kip ontfermt zich over Hoen, maar Haan vindt het een vreemde vogel…

Hoen gaat in een hok naast Kip en Haan wonen. Als ze naar de kermis gaan, blijkt dat Hoen sommige dingen veel beter kan dan Haan, zoals boksen en schieten met een geweer. Kip en Hoen gaan samen in de spin en hebben veel plezier, maar Haan wordt boos.

Dit boekje ‘Haan schiet mis’ komt uit het leeskoffertje ‘haan, kip en hoen’ van Uitgeverij Gottmer. In dit koffertje zitten zes leesboekjes van AVI start tot en met AVI M4 en een leuk werkboekje.

Kijk in de app hoe u van een tijdelijke korting op het leeskoffertje kunt profiteren!

• Zelf lezen AVI M3 (na 6 maanden leesonderwijs). Ook geschikt als prentenboek. Voorlezen vanaf 4 jaar.

• De tekst is van Rian Visser, schrijfster van meer dan 50 kinderboeken, waaronder de leeskoffertjes ‘hier is pier’, ‘daar komt aap’ en ‘haan, kip en hoen’. Rian Visser schrijft ook voor Sesamstraat en voor educatieve uitgevers.

• Grappige illustraties van Caroline van Pelt.

• Met deze leesboekjes vol humor ontdekken beginnende lezers hoe leuk lezen kan zijn.

Houden uw kinderen van gratis spelletjes zoals Talking Emily Baby, Fart Sound Board, Bubble Blast 2, Paradise Island, Tap Fish, Angry Birds, Angry Birds Seasons, Fruit Ninja, Doodle Jump, Slice It, Tetris, Talking Tom Cat, Pinball, Bubble Buster en Paper Toss? Laat ze dan ook eens een leuk leesboekje downloaden!

In Beta: Timo and the Magical Picture Book

A fun interactive ebook for children for Android smartphone and tablet.

See iOS version

In development: Einstein's Putt Putt (for android and iOS):

An educational Putt Putt game to teach students physics.