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Frequently Asked Questions
09-11-2012, 10:18 PM (This post was last modified: 05-17-2014 04:18 PM by piet5211.)
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Frequently Asked Questions
Live TV

- How do I setup this Live tv?
* If you have an old version of Remote Potato already installed, first uninstall your existing Remote Potato (RP) from your windows media center. (don’t worry existing settings will be remembered and the new server(below) will do the same thing and more), by going to control panel, uninstall a program, uninstall Remote Potato.

On your RP PC click download the latest Remote Potato Live TV server from


unzip in a folder you remember. Go with explorer to that folder. Double click on setup.exe. Follow the setup wizard. After installation:

Finally start the server, if not already started, by clicking the go button in the upper right corner.

Now you should be able to use Remote Media Center Live TV. (http://goo.gl/YeklZ)

- Remote Media Center Live TV says that all tuners are busy, although a recording is started on the server.
1. You need the custom build of remote potato (http://myfrem.nl/download.html)
2. Please make sure that in remote potato (general tab) the primary TV recording directory exists and corresponds with the default recording folder in Media Center. (e.g. both are in "d:\Recorded TV")

- My videoplayer does not work with live tv
* Try Vplayer.

- Sometimes live TV stops or repeats a small part:
* Could be due to your slow internet connection speed;
* In its current implementation RMC Live TV can stop/repeat every minute, even at high speed connections. However you won't miss anything, Live TV just catches up where it left off.

- How can I delete the RMC file that live tv creates on your PC?
These files get deleted automatically once you have stopped live streaming. It could be that the one you were just streaming was locked by the transcoder on your server (ffmpeg) and could not be canceled and deleted. This RMC file will be deleted a next time you will stop streaming. If you are really concerned about these RMC files you can allways cancel and delete by clicking menu in the Live TV screen with the yellow slider.

- Sometimes RMC cannot connect to the RP server at all.
* In an exceptional case, it could be that your RP server crashes. In this case you should check "Restart server after 10 seconds when stopped" in the general tab of Remote Potato server. (BTW a tool like teamviewer might come in handy. With this tool and and app you can remotely control your pc, and control your RP server).

- My audio and video are out of sync.
* Mostly this is because your android is too slow. Android devices that work are usually dual core and faster. You mileage may vary. Best choice at the moment seems Vplayer.

- My video stutters
* Please uncheck all debugging in Remote Potato for Live TV, except for basic;
* When using android: please use Vplayer. MX player with HW+ decoding on network streaming might have issues with live TV;
* If for example YouTube stutters too you could try to turn off WiFi optimisation to fix that issue. After doing this RMC stuttering issues might be resolved too

- My recordings get cluttered with RMCLiveTV files

* When you are in the second screen when starting to play live tv (that’s where the yellow slider is with the Ok button underneath) the menu button has the option to cancel or delete all RMCLivTV recordings on the server.

- Dice player speed up option crashes dice player
* Don't speed up playback of live TV

- I have purchased the app from Google Play and got it all working. Later, the app on my phone is telling me to Purchase or re-enable app(with three options). It will not allow me to restore purchase. I don't want to buy it again and I don't have a coupon. Is this some kind of bug, or am I missing something here?
* Are you sure you started up the right app? The right one is with live tv in the app's icon.

- The remote does not work.
* Please upgrade to the latest Remote Potato server (2.333.5 or up)


Android Remote Media Center is a client for remotely controlling and viewing your windows 7 media center via remote potato server.
Specifically it is able to

- Browse and search the EPG Grid
- Browse and Schedule recordings
- Browse channels and programs
- Watch videos
- Watch recorded tv
- Listen to music
- Browse pictures.

Needs version 0.98.6 or higher of the Remote Potato Server.
3G or wifi is advised.
- For streaming video it needs a player like vplayer. Diceplayer, Moboplayer, MX Player etc might work as well. Try lower quality video first.
Some notable features are:
Diceplayer : you can speed up video playback up to twice the speed.
Vplayer: you can make snapshots/you can pinch to zoom in/out
MX player: you can pinch to zoom in/out
- For (Playlist) audio you can use “just playlists” (available free from the market)

Setting up Remote Potato Server.

At least version 0.98.6 is needed of the Remote Potato Server. Please see
http://www.remotepotato.com/ for download and the help forum.
After installing and starting the server it is best is to try first to connect to your server on the machine that the server is installed on with: (if 9080 is your Remote Potato port)

in any browser. Then you could try to connect from another pc in your LAN by entering the ip of your pc on which
Remote Potato Server is installed. E.g. something like:

(you can find out the ip by entering ipconfig in a cmd box on your media center
computer (windows-key-R and type cmd, hit return))

Next you could try this address and port in your android browser and see if it connects.

If you succeed you can fill in the ip and port in Remote Media Center settings (via the menu hardware key on your android):

Ensure that in "Remote Potato Server" you select the first server and under the first server enter the URL of your remote potato server without http:// and without port, something like

In port enter the port number of your remote potato server, e.g. 9080. Optionally enter login username and password. But I would try without security first.

No connection or EPG does not show up.

Do you have Remote Potato server installed and running on your windows media center?

Did you try restarting the Remote Potato server.

Please check whether the URL is exactly right (e.g. has no spaces added at the end).

Is the first URL (and use first URL checked) the URL of the windows machine and the right port?
Username and password should be the remote potato server credentials, if set.

See Setting up Remote Potato Server.

EPG loads slowly and scrolls slowly vertically

Try to reduce the number of hours to display and increase the number of lines/block in expert settings by pressing menu in the main screen.

If EPG comes up with a blank screen:

- It might be that you have setup (in settings of remote media center) to show only favorites and have defined no favorites in your remote potato server.

- Restart the remote potato server

- It could be that you have setup too complex port forwarding, e.g. a dynamic dns to forward all requests to guide.name.com on port 80 to name.com port 9080 and configured your router to forward 9080 to your local remote potato server.

Changing the user interface.

In Remote Media Center via menu/setup UI another userinterface can be chosen.

What is rockplayer lite, moboplayer or vplayer (general)?

Remote Media Center uses rockplayer lite, moboplayer or vplayer (general) for streaming Recorded Tv and videos, which are in Apple Http Live Streaming format. Moboplayer doesn't always work yet (try lower quality video settings first).

If anybody knows another way of streaming Apple Http Live Streaming format please let me know (piet5211 at gmail).

You can test the video player with a stream when you input the following URL link:


Try to hold your android in portrait mode first and if you succeed you could try landscape mode.

The default settings of vplayer, moboplayer or rockplayer lite should be ok. You might need to experiment with soft/hard decoding in settings for the video player to work.

Vplayer currently does better with aspect ratios.

RMC starts up with a video player that doesn't work

It could be that, although a program like vplayer is installed, RMC starts a video player that does not work by default. To change this behavior do the following:

Goto (via menu button) /Settings/Applications/Manage Applications/All/<the name of the app>/Clear Defaults

<the name of the app> could be something like "gallery" or “Streaming Media Player”. (you can find out by leaving the error message open and look at currently running apps to find the name of it)
If you have a verizon thunderbolt device it could be that an update of your ROM has removed the video player selection option,

See http://remotepotatoforums.fatattitude.co...=20&t=1461

Goto (starting with RMC beta 633, menu button) /Settings you can now overrule default behavior of Android video selection, e.g. MX player is always used. You can request a beta by sending an email to janneke.tetrakis@gmail.com

Vplayer crashes in landscape mode

On the Motorola Xoom and some Samsung phones vplayer crashes when viewing in landscape mode. User woody11 writes:

"I was able to fix the problem with landscape mode by changing the Aspect Ratio setting in Vplayer from "Auto Detect" to "4:3". It looks like there's a bug in Vplayer that causes crashes (at least on the Samsung Galaxy phone) when the aspect ratio is set on auto detect. Now the app is streaming in landscape or portrait mode without freezing or crashing the phone. "

For Motorola Xoom and Remote Media Center version 0.38 or later you can set aspect ratio in vplayer to auto-detect again.

Vplayer stops after a second or so streaming

On my motorola xoom and maybe other androids as well, vplayer used to stop streaming about every 4 out 5 times after a second or so.

Setting in vplayer preferences "audio engine" and "video engine" to "JNI (stable)" fixes this problem.

Remote Media Center doesn't show media in libraries

Normally if you add video folders in media center to a library it should add the videos to the windows videos library? (see http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/windo...-library). If this is not the case just make sure you add them there as well.

Some recorded TV do not stream

Due to a problem with ffmpeg on the Remote Potato Server some .wtv files do not get transcoded correctly. Version 0.98.12 might solve the problem.

I can't stream.

Please make sure you don't have any firewall enabled on your android, like droidwall.

I do not hear any audio

Some users report that they can not hear any audio. Using rockplayer lite seems to solve this issue.

Others report this problem with MX player. Selecting in MX video player ‘S/W Decoder for network’ solves the issue.

I cannot stream more than 1 .wma music song.

.wma streams are not supported by "just playlists" so it is only possible to stream one .wma song at a time.

If anybody know of any app that supports playlists with mixed .mp3 and .wma songs please email me at piet5211 at gmail dot com.

Wake on LAN

Wake on LAN enables to wake up a PC via the network by sending a magic packet.

See http://remotepotatoforums.fatattitude.co...+lan#p2530 for instructions how to set it up.

For Wake On Lan on your Android you need for example
WoL Wake On Lan WAN (Remote Media Center settings(case sensitive) are packagename: com.benfinnigan.wol and classname: Main)


proWol (Remote Media Center settings(case sensitive) are packagename: com.noimjosh.prowol and classname: proWOL)


Wake On Lan: package name: net.mafro.android.wakeonlan , class: WakeOnLan

- I can connect to EPG, channels via wifi but not via 3G or 4G
A user writes: As the problem was in channels and not in music folder for example, i tried to reload channels config and then the error disappeared. I think as I had tuned to new channels it went corrupt. "Flush cache" and "reload from media center" corrected the curious error.

- Using RMC does not work over the internet:
This might be due to several issues:
- See portforwarding.com (you don't need to buy the commercial program), and:
- Are the ports open in your firewall
- Do you use more than 1 router/accesspoint (then you have to forward ports on all routers/access points), be aware sometimes you provider's modem is also a router!
A User writes: I finally got it working over the internet. It was only another app, AirVideo for iOS, that tipped me off to the problem by reporting "Double NAT", which led me to the cause: My DSL modem was doing it's own IP address translation. I managed to fix that. Now this app looks very good! Note when setting it up over LAN: Remote Potato Server tells you to use IP#, but that's only correct for specific routers and situations. In my case it's So check your router to determine the IP# of your PC, and ignore what the server tells you.

Did you know:
- You can add any audio folders to the video library as well, enabling playing audio though the "play a video" main menu option and in qualities you can set. Then choosing lower qualities will work with low bandwidth and produce lower data usage.
- Video recording pre- and postpadding time can be set in the RP user interface: tab: "TV Guide" under "Default Recording Options"

Author of Remote Media Center

If you like RMC, please leave a positive review on the market.
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01-01-2014, 05:39 AM
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RE: Frequently Asked Questions
I cannot get rmc to play using Classic TV, but when i select Faster TV it plays fine, but only background music of the show is heard not what people are speaking.....like it has 2 sound tracks and only one is playing.....any suggestions on getting complete sound or classic TV to work. have samsung S4 running MX player
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01-01-2014, 10:57 PM
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RE: Frequently Asked Questions
(01-01-2014 05:39 AM)spankys97 Wrote:  I cannot get rmc to play using Classic TV, but when i select Faster TV it plays fine, but only background music of the show is heard not what people are speaking.....like it has 2 sound tracks and only one is playing.....any suggestions on getting complete sound or classic TV to work. have samsung S4 running MX player

What audio track do you select when you record from this channel and play that recorded channel?

Author of Remote Media Center

If you like RMC, please leave a positive review on the market.
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